This blog is intended to be used as a reference for others wanting to install a custom ballast into their boat.  Many of the ideas in this install were taken from other boat owners who shared their custom install stories.  I am grateful to all those who have shared.  Hopefully this blog will continue to share the ideas and possibly a few more.  Each person's ballast install will be different depending on their boat, budget, and needs.  This ballast install is not meant to be an example of the "right" way or the "best" way.  It is just a design that I felt would work best for my needs and within my budget.

Two of the main resources I used when doing the design for this ballast install are linked below.
BigCatPT - Centurion Avalanche Ballast Install Blog (great resource)
H20King - Centurion Falcon V Ballast Install (thread from CenturionCrew.com)

This ballast install is for a 2009 Centurion Falcon V but can be adapted for almost any wake boat.  This design will allow me to fill up approximately 2500LB of ballast on either side of the boat to get the boat really leaning to the side to hopefully produce a very nice surf wave.  Of course, the sacs could also be partially filled to help with a wakeboard wake as well.

In the end, this ballast will consist of the following possible ballast:
1100LB sac in the rear locker
225LB hard tank under side seat bench
400LB sac on top of side seat
400LB sac on observer seat or on floor behind driver (depending on surf side)
400LB integrated bow sac under bow seats

The ballast listed above is only meant for good water conditions and with a small crew.  If you have a large crew then you obviously don't need as much water weight.  Also, do not use this much weight in bad water conditions.  Depending on the boat, it can be easy to take on water into the boat if weighted down in rough water.  Use your best judgement out there.  It doesn't take this much weight to get a surf wave.  I just designed this system so that I had the capability to lean the boat as much as possible when conditions permit.

With that said, I hope you enjoy this blog.  It is quite lengthy so I tried to split it up into manageable sections.  Have fun out there!!